Sliding Sash Windows

stylish, modern with slim and slight lines

The Perfect
Sliding Sash Window

A stunning traditional appearance is provided when installing a striking, vertical sliding sash window from our range. It can be manufactured to your exact specification with or without sash horns.

A spring balanced mechanism counteracts the weight of the sliding sash to give a beautifully smooth and effortless opening and closing movement.

Our sliding sash windows are manufactured with concealed gaskets giving total protection from the wind and rain and can be produced with high security locking systems to offer complete peace of mind.

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Sash Horn Windows

For projects that require the blend of traditional styles with modern, high performance materials, then the sash horn windows in our range provide the very best in combined style, performance and function.

Always A Classic
Properties that require adherence to architectural or Local Authority specification, where appearance must preserve the original design and style of a building, then our sash horn windows make an ideal solution.

Attention To Detail
Integrated sash horns add effective authenticity to the main sash frame and help to maintain a more traditional appearance.

Perfect Performance
The Sash Horn Windows in our portfolio provide the highest weatherproof standards, offering high resistance to draughts. Manufactured to only the best industry standards, shootbolt locking systems offer complete peace of mind regarding security.

Child and Pet Safety
To ensure only the safest environment for both children and pets, restrictors can be added to restrict the movement of the bottom sash.

Astragal Bars, Leads and Bevels

Astragal bars are the perfect solution for those looking to create a traditional Georgian appearance without multiple window panes. Georgian style windows have become increasingly popular in recent years with both planners and homeowners looking to add a striking effect to finished projects

Our range offers a variety of finishes and colours to enhance the look of windows, doors and conservatories by giving them the traditional Georgian appearance of individual panes.

The bars are securely fitted with clips and adhesive pads that have been developed to stick to the glass whatever the weather conditions.

Leaded and Bevel Options
Ensuring that we offer customers the broadest window and door choice possible we also have leaded and bevel window options available as a decorative window finish to create a truly beautiful appearance on more traditional properties.