5 reasons why you should include PVCu sliding doors in your project

Posted by Framexpress on 11/05/2022

Framexpress is the exclusive supplier of Patiomaster’s sliding doors in the West Midlands. They are widely regarded as one of the best inline sliding PVCu patio door systems on the market, offering a host of great performance features and a smart appearance.

Every PatioMaster door is bespoke and is built to each homeowner’s exact specification. They are designed to ensure high quality appearance, function, and durability. We also guarantee the doors for ten years, but customers can expect to enjoy them for much longer than that.

Thermal Efficiency

Not only do they offer a sleek finish, but they also allow more fresh air to enter the home. This way, less air conditioning is required due to the doors large opening and less artificial light being needed. This can inevitably keep energy bills down and save the homeowner money.

With u-values from just 1.2 W/m2K, PatioMaster doors keep the cold air out and the warm air in meaning rooms are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also have weather-seals that prevent draughts and leaks meaning as little air as possible will escape from the home.

Increased light and space in homes

Installing PatioMaster sliding doors can completely change a homeowner’s lifestyle. Not only does it increase the amount of light entering the home, but it also helps to bring the outdoors in. Widespan glass panes mean that your customers are able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their home.

Even when the doors are closed, the illusion of a larger living space is still apparent with light flooding the area. PatioMaster sliding doors can also add value to homes with their impressive aesthetics and energy efficiency.

High Security

At Framexpress, we make security a priority and ensure every door we provide is strong, safe and secure. PatioMaster doors are steel reinforced, secured with multipoint locks and have anti-jacking technology built within them. With extra reinforcement around the locks on the doors, they are more resistant to attacks than ever before.

What’s more, PatioMaster locking systems are designed to have a long life, keeping you, your family and your possessions safe for years to come.

Ease of Access

PatioMaster doors are extremely light in material meaning that they can be opened with ease to allow seamless access into and out of homes. With these patio doors usually being wider than most entrances to homes, they are useful when carrying out unconventional tasks such as moving large items in and out of the home.

Stylish Appearance

PatioMaster doors are an elegant choice for the home and provide uninterrupted views to the outdoors. These doors are available in a diverse range of coloured foiled finishes designed to achieve a long-lasting, maintenance-free and cost-effective option for any home. These foils are permanently industrially bonded to our door profiles and won’t peel, flake or fade.

The design of PatioMaster suites with the Optima casement window range helping homeowners to match new windows and doors across their property.

Choose Framexpress for your next project

CLUB Framexpress offers more than 20 years of experience to its customers and offer a hassle-free service to keep door installations as simple as possible. If you’re interested in including a PatioMaster sliding door into your project, take a look at our PatioMaster brochure or contact CLUB Framexpress on 01952 581 100 or sales@framexpress.co.uk.

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