Features of PVCu casement windows

Posted by Framexpress on 11/05/2022

Casement windows are one of the most contemporary and convenient style of windows for homes in the UK. With their style and design being extremely versatile, they can be used on virtually any property, whether it’s a traditional home or modern new build.

What is a PVCu casement window?

They are attached to a frame by one or more hinges which open the window outwards away from the home. This style of window also has lots of different configurations where it can be opened from the top or the side or even go for a fixed option where the window can’t be opened. This allows homeowners to design windows that best suit their lifestyle and home.

  • – Side hung

Side hung openings are generally the most popular style that homeowners opt for as they are easy to open and offer excellent ventilation. They can even be angled slightly to just have a breeze entering the home or opened fully to maximise the amount of air entering the home.

  • – Top hung

Windows that are hinged at the top are a perfect option for wet climates as they are able to keep out the rain. This means that homeowners can still have a window open when its raining as it won’t come inside the home.

  • – Fixed casement

This style is not designed to open, however some will have a mock sash to fit in with the style of the surrounding widows that do open.

Why should you use PVCu Casement Windows in your project?

  • – Suitable for all UK properties

With PVCu casement windows being available in a variety of modern and traditional design options, they suit all property styles, making them ideal for both new builds as well as older properties. Casement windows are also the perfect option for renovations in a conservation area as their simple design means that they are in keeping with the surroundings.

  • – Variety of Design Features

PVCu casement windows are very versatile and have accessories that can be added to recreate the style of window of the homeowner’s choice. Available in two different profiles, chamfered and sculptured, the homeowner can choose which style would suit their house best. If they want to create a traditional appearance, a sculptured profile would be the perfect option. There is also the additional option for Astragal bars to enhance the conventional look.

Another design option for homeowners is trickle vents. They can provide homeowners with ventilation along with peace of mind that their property is safe and secure throughout the night.

  • – Outstanding performance

Not only do they have an impressive appearance, but they also offer outstanding performance. They can help to save homeowners money as these PVCu casement windows have more insulating chambers, keeping properties warmer.

They have excellent weatherability as the windows have deeper drainage channels so water doesn’t collect in the frame and cause any damage. They also have more overlap between the sash and outer frame, offering even better protection in extreme weather conditions.

Being PAS 24 certified and Secured by Design accredited, homeowners have added peace of mind that this range of windows are keeping their possessions and loved ones safe and secure.

  • – Extremely durable and low maintenance

PVCu is a strong, resistant material that is very durable to any weather condition. It is water and salt resistant and thermally non-conductive so it can withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind, rain and snow, without the worry of encountering problems such as warping, corroding, rotting or flaking. This makes this material a great all-round durable option.

PVCu casement windows are also especially low maintenance and only require to be wiped with a clean cloth to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

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