Five reasons to add Optima PVCu windows to your range

Posted by Framexpress on 08/03/2019

PVCu Optima windows

Nowadays, when it comes to choosing the right glazing for a projects, there are lots of options available, and for years, PVCu windows have been a top choice for homeowners.

There’s lots of benefits of PVCu windows that makes them so popular for homes across the country, and our Optima PVCu windows work perfectly for a range of projects, from refurbishments and renovations to new builds.

We’ve created a list of our top five reasons why we think you should be installing Optima PVCu windows.

  1. Designs to suit any property

With our PVCu windows, there are endless design possibilities to choose from, so that you can create bespoke glazing solutions for your customers.

There are lots of window styles to choose from, including PVCu casement, tilt & turn, fully reversible, flush sash and sliding sash windows. Classic casement windows add a modern touch, while flush sash and sliding sash bring element of traditional elegance to any property.

Whether your project is for a renovation, traditional property or a new build, PVCu windows come in a complete selection of RAL and B.S. colours to match the existing style or new design of a property. This means that you can offer your customers the exact colour of choice that they want.

  1. Robust, durable windows

PVCu has always been a popular choice for windows, due to its high resistance and hardwearing properties, ideal for domestic and commercial properties.

Long lasting and durable, PVCu window frames are designed to last for years to come. We provide a 10-year warranty on all our windows.

The PVCu windows will not warp, rot or splinter, they are super durable and have high security benefits to reduce the risk of break-ins.

  1. High security features

Optima PVCu windows are renowned for both style and security.

They offer impressive security benefits, with robust, sturdy frames, teamed with high-security locking systems to create the ultimate secure windows.

All our PVCu window styles are PAS 24 certified and there is a choice to upgrade to the police-approved Secured by Design accredited option, which gives homeowners peace of mind that the windows are tested to the highest standards.

  1. Practical and low maintenance

Not only stunning, but functional too, PVCu windows are strong, robust and durable. They require very little maintenance and are super easy to clean. The durability of PVCu means that they practically look after themselves and they only need cleaning on occasion – a great selling point for homeowners!

PVCu windows are also extremely weather and corrosion resistant and are great for sound restriction, ideal if your project is in an exposed position such as in a high rise building or next to a busy road.

  1. Eco-friendly solution

Our PVCu windows provide excellent thermal performance.

The complete range of windows we offer achieve A-ratings and low U-values, helping to keep your customer’s homes at an optimum temperature and save money on heating bills in the long run.

You can offer double glazing and the chance to upsell with triple glazing for a truly energy efficient window system.

Choosing Optima PVCu windows

If you install windows in the West Midlands, get in touch with us. We fabricate high performance Optima PVCu windows, and can help you create the perfect home improvements for your customers.

You can get a 4 hour quote on our website, or call our team on 01952 581 100.

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