How to adjust composite door hinges

Posted by Framexpress on 11/05/2022

Composite doors are a great addition to a home, offering a low maintenance, high security and thermally efficient entrance. Here at Framexpress, we provide a range of impressive door styles in a full spectrum of colour options and hardware choices, to create unique doors for every home.

Occasionally front doors need adjusting after lots of use, but it can be solved very easily with some minor hinge adjustment.

How to check if a composite door needs adjusting

Firstly, it’s best to check if your door is in need of adjustment and misaligned in any way. You can do this by examining the corners to see if the mitres of the door line up with the mitres of the frame.

It is also useful to check the level of the door with a spirit level. Placing this on the top of the door is a good way to work out if it is level and sitting properly in the frame.

Checking the gap between the door and the frame is also a good indication of whether the door is misaligned. By opening the door slightly at the lock side, you can see whether the gap is consistent all the way up and down the door and frame.

What you need to adjust a composite door hinge

If you believe that your door needs adjusting, the best option is for the homeowner to contact the installer for advice. They will most likely be able to solve any issues you are having. If a hinge needs to be adjusted, you will most likely require a Phillips flathead screwdriver and an Allen Key (depending on what kind of hinge it is).

General care that will help to keep your composite door in good condition

There are a few things that homeowners can do day to day to help ensure that your door is kept in the best condition.

For maximum support and increased security, each time you shut the door, it is a good idea to put the handle up when it is fully closed so the top and bottom locks are fully engaged. If this isn’t done, the door will be resting solely on the latch. This can result in long-term problems such as warping and swelling at the top and bottom of the door, with it not sitting as securely as it could be.

Do you need a new front door?

If you are having difficulty lifting the handle of your door, or it appears to be twisting or fading in colour, it might be time to invest in a new composite door. Distinction doors are a great option to solve these issues being the market leader in GRP composite doors offering excellent features including enhanced security, high thermal efficiency and exceptional durability.

Composite doors are the UK’s most popular choice of front door and it is hardly surprising with all the high quality features they offer. At Framexpress we make it easy to design and purchase supply-only composite doors with our online door designer. If you are interested in installing a composite door in your project and would like to discuss your ideas, email us at or call us on 01952 581 100.

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