Summer home improvements with double glazing

Posted by Framexpress on 12/08/2019

With summer in full swing, we’re finding that lots more homeowners become increasingly inspired to make improvements to their homes. Whether it be the odd DIY job, or something more significant, like replacing windows and doors. This makes it the perfect time to advertise your installation services, promote your skills and potentially increase your sales further.

We can help you achieve this with our complete range of double glazing products, along with our expert installer support. To help you make the most of the market this summer, here is a selection of the top trends that we are seeing for home improvements at the moment.

It’s all about the light

Over the last few years in both new homes and renovation projects, the desire for natural light has increased tenfold. Not only does improving the level of natural daylight that enters a building completely change its overall aesthetics, it can also have a positive impact on its resident’s health and lifestyle. More natural daylight can improve mood, health and productivity, creating an ideal living space that benefits the whole family.

Double glazing plays a crucial role when it comes to creating light and space in homes. Windows, doors, roof lanternsand rooflights with slimline frames and wider expanses of glass are regularly specified to help maximise on glazed areas. Widespan glazing helps to open up the space between inside and out while allowing lots of natural light to effortlessly beam into a room.

At Framexpress, we have both PVCu and aluminium double glazing products that will simultaneously let the light into your customer’s homes while providing the highest levels of security, energy efficiency, durability and functionality.

Improve, not move

The summer months often makes homeowners realise that they need extra space at home. Warmer weather, longer days, school holidays and parties all add to the desire for larger living spaces that the whole family benefit from. Nowadays, moving isn’t their only option! The trend to improve houses rather than move has helped the home improvement market skyrocket, with more property owners opting to extend and update rather than upsize to a new home.

It’s easier than ever to create more space in homes, whether it be with the addition of an extension or even through building a conservatory.

Our conservatories are designed with latest modern technology to provide homeowners with a high performance, thermally efficient extra room for their property. We offer six conservatory styles with an array of design options that can complement the existing look and character of your customer’s property – acting as an extension of the home without the building work and disruption that’s often part and parcel of extending.

Changing style

Another home improvement trend we’re finding is the desire to update and change the style of a property, through the use of double glazing.

Upgrading windows and doors has become a much more pleasing experience for homeowners. Many are choosing to replace their double glazing to change the aesthetics of their home rather than out of pure necessity.

With an abundance of design possibilities for double glazing, such as styles, colours, glazing options, hardware and accessories, updating the overall ‘look’ of a home is so easily done!

We supply a selection of windows and doors in both modern and traditional styles, so that you can offer your customers endless possibilities. We also offer trade support, including help with design and specification so we can help you create the perfect double glazing solutions.

Multi-functional living

Gone are the days of small, impractical box rooms and restricted living areas. The trend for wide, open plan spaces that connect seamlessly between the home and outdoors has increased tremendously over the past few years. We’re seeing lots of large bifold doors and sliding doors being specified to open up homes, create walls of glass and merge indoor and outdoor living.

We provide both sleek aluminium bifold doors and stunning PVCu Patiomaster sliding patio doors to help you create the ideal multi-functional living space for your customers.

Double glazing support

Along with high quality, diverse double glazing, we can provide you with all the trade installer support that you need to complete your home improvement projects.

We have years of experience manufacturing windows and doors, to provide you with expert technical support and guidance while accommodating your requirements and schedule.

If you have tight deadlines and need to provide high quality double glazing for your customers, fast, we have the solution. Our standard white PVCu windows, doors and Patiomaster sliding patio doors can be quoted in as little as 4 hours and delivered in just 48 hours!

Want to find out more about our double glazing options? Give our team a call on 01952 581 100. We’d love to talk to you about your next home improvements project. Alternatively, we have lots of information about all our double glazing solutions across our website for both PVCu and aluminium products.

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